Kirov regional social organization „Police Association“
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Golf Week in Austria (Carinthia)
22 June 2011
On the 5th of June 2011 a group consisting of 22 people from Kirov Section of International Police Association went on a Golf week organized by Austrian Section IPA. For the third time members of...
Traditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Victory Day
15 May 2011
  Traditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Victory Day  A traditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Victory Day, was held on 7 and 8 May 2011 in...
12 March 2011
Hockey with a broom or broomballOn March 12, 2011 Kirov citizens for the first time watched this sport wonder which was at the territory of sanatorium “Mitino”. This game is...
25 February 2011
 In 2011 an annual snowmobile tournament was held on February 19. Just before February 23 usually everybody can hear deafening motor roar over Vorobyov ponds. Non-professional racers, a large...
21 February 2011
For the third year, before Defender of the Motherland Day, former and active law-enforcement officers meet at a chessboard. In 2011 chess tournament among law enforcement agencies was held on...
9 February 2011
In 2011 the event, which was attended by 50 people from Kirov Section IPA, was held from 22 till 29 January in town Nasfeld-Hermagor. Read...
22 December 2010
German colleagues Frank Hellmuth and Iris Kubler visited the Kirov branch of RS IPA on December 13, 2010. Iris Kubler and Frank Hellmuth have been working in police for many years. They are still...
23 November 2010
  At the other end of the Earth The members of Kirov branch Russian section IPA flew to congratulate their colleagues with the golden anniversary across the half of the world. The...
10 November 2010
A solemn event, the ceremony of the annual cadet and student dedication in the Kirov branch of Juridical College of the Russian Section of the International Police Association, took place on Saturday...
Ttraditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Militia Day
12 October 2010
Ttraditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Militia Day A traditional Russian billiards tournament under the auspices of the Kirov Branch Russian Section International Police...
4 August 2010
On July,17 there was a day of rest for the members of the Police Association and their families in the sanatorium "Vyatskiye yvalu". The event was attended by approximately 150 people. Participants...
2 June 2010
World Judo Championship was held in Budapest, Hungary from 27 till 30 May 2010. A member of Kirov department of IPA Khlusjanov Oleg Vladimirovich won the title of the champion in the age group 50-60...
1 June 2010
The fourth conference of ARPA was held in Izhevsk city of Udmurt republic from 13 till 15 May 2010. More than 35 delegates from Russian regions visited this annual forum. Kirov delegation was headed...
5 April 2010
On the 2nd of April, 2010 took place the 1st session of the Social Soviet of investigative department in Kirov Region of committee of inquiry of public prosecutor’s office of Russian Federation.The...
16 March 2010
   From 02 till 10 of March 2010 on  Austrian colleges invitation, the group of IPA members from Kirov Region visited Insburg (Austria).   Insburg was...