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Kirov regional youth public movement "the Patriot": Our device «We’re always together!»

15 August 2014

Кировское региональное молодежное общественное движение «Патриот»
Наш девиз «МЫ ВСЕГДА РЯДОМ!»

This movement was created in 29th of June in 2010. Nowadays it consists of more than 250 participants. «The Patriot» forms a new Russian patriotism, which includes traditions of last and present times.


So, «the Patriot» values the meaning of the word «patriotism»: life values, patriotic feelings, convictions of youth, reverence for historical hangover and traditions of Russia.

There are many different arrangements which are organized by this movement such as:

  • «The Parade of Victory in the Great Patriotic War»
  • Patriotic game «the Zarnica»
  • «The guard of honour»

Different  participations, connecting with holidays, different events, volunteer services



Besides, it takes part in patriotic education of pupils in schools, boarding schools, foster homes. «The Patriot» often meets with foreign (European) policemen.

Lessons are usually organized by this movement. For example, «What is good, and what is bad?», «Echo of war»  - for junior pupils; older pupils can learn  the basics of            soldiery: interesting meetings with commanders, Terminal Imaging Radar, weapons  and marching training.

«The Patriot» is created for development of such values: friendship, team and group spirit, responsibility, especially for pupils and students. «The Zarnica» is a perfect example.

Finally, main types of activity of «The Patriot» are:

  1. Military and patriotic, sport and health aspect
  2. Protection of youth interests
  3. Civic and national education
  4. Rising of social and patriotic performance among youth
  5. Help youth society organizations.

We want that every man should be informed and he should know how behave in any difficult situation!