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25 February 2009


Some served to Russia, the other – to the Soviet Union, in different time and in different conditions, anyway they all devoted themselves to the motherland. The best officers were rewarded in Oktyabrsky Internal Affairs Department in Kirov on 21 February.
Veterans tell that militia service was never easy. Today they intently see to work of the young. Just on the initiative of the veteran organization prizes named after officers, surnames of whose are part of department’s history, are rewarded in Oktyabrsky IAD already the second year. One of them is Vitaly Koshcheev, a former head of Oktyabrsky IAD. His son Nikolay Koshcheev, who inherited the helm, handed the prize named after the father.
NIKOLAY KOSHCHEEV, VICE PRESIDENT OF RS IPA: «I didn’t have doubts concerning serving in militia. In our family the grandfather and father were militia men. And I always knew that I would work in organs of inner affairs and tried to make my intention true.»
Having given a greater part of service to operative work, Nikolay Koshcheev handed today a prize to the best operative of Oktyabrsky IAD. «These feelings will always be inseparable», he says – remembrance about the father and recollections that he himself is a former operative. However it’s known there are no former militia men.