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25 February 2009

Serious passions inflamed among representatives of force structures of Kirov region on the eve of the Day of Defenders of Motherland. In fact they sorted out their relationship not in workplace but on chessboard. Having changed military uniform for citizen one, law enforcement and defense officers took part in the first tournament in history of the region among representatives of law enforcement and tax organs. There were no indulgences for participants. For one game of chess – maximum 15 min, for a wrong move – a severe fine – 2 extra min to a competitor for thinking. For 3 wrong moves – disqualification.

The idea to hold a chess tournament among representatives of force structures belong to the Directorate of Federal Tax Service in Kirov Region. And the local IPA department accomplished it. 8 teams responded to the invitation to take part in the tournament.

NIKOLAY KOSHCHEEV, PRESIDENT OF KRO RS IPA: «We are glad that our members began to show initiative. At such an event officers can catch a break and it means that they will better execute their duties.»

Directorate of Federal Service of Execution of Punishments got laurels of the tournament winner, tax officers – honorable silver, Kirov militia men took the 3rd place. The prize winners left the site of the battle with the intention to hold the victory in the next tournament, the losers – to get own.