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15 August 2008

Workers of defense and law enforcement agencies must manage weapon. But they don’t have to shoot bow and crossbow. Nevertheless such competitions took part in the sanatorium “Vyatskiye Uvaly” of the Kirov region. The day of the Athlete and Olympiad in Pekin inspired Kirov policemen. And the results showed that there is no such a weapon which doesn’t obey our security officials.
Events of Kirov policemen traditionally take part in form of competitions. They include billiards, snowmobile races, fishing and shooting. Nobody is interested in simple, unorganized leisure time.
NIKOLAY KOSHCHEEV, A VICE PRESIDENT OF “THE ALL-RUSSIA ORGANIZATION OF POLICEMEN”: “The reason of it is the active life position of our members. It’s unacceptable for many of us just to lie on a sofa. We don’t mind even not good weather. Today we gathered together with families, children, and it’s very nice.”

ALEXEY ROSUVAN, A DEPUTY OF THE STATE DUMA, HONOUR PRESIDENT OF THE KIROV DEVISION OF RS IPA: “When we still feel that we are young and fervent – we can do many things. I think that our next competitions we’ll begin with a marching drill.”

Men who have shoulder straps must obey commands. Service is service. As a rule they don’t have enough time for their families. This time organizers wanted this event to be a family one. So that everyone could find an occupation. Games and attractions for children were organized, one could go on a boat or catamaran. The participants appreciated the result at once.
EVGENY PIMENOV, THE RECTOR OF VUH, A MEMBER OF THE KIROV DEVISION OF RS IPA: “I am always surprised how much energy and fantasy our operative management has. They always invent something new. It greatly unites and brings the sense of pride that we are members of IPA.”

Of course rewarding isn’t the most important part of the event but it’s the most pleasant one. This time traditional leaders of all competitions as well as beginners approved themselves. So the commander of Maradykovsky regiment Alexander Yarkin got into the number of prize-winners, who received a certificate of an IPA member in this day.
Now Kirov policemen will prepare for participation in international soccer tournament which will take part in Holland in October.