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17 December 2008

International Restorative Complex “Sea Castle” (sanatorium), China, Dalian city

You have only been dreaming about a “Sea Castle” and have never been there?
We envy you.
You can feel euphoria from the first impression only once and you have such a possibility.

Imagine relaxing sea turquoise and temptations of exotic gardens, which bright mysterious dress eclipses thoughts about business matters, which seemed urgent a minute ado.
You breathe freely, a smile appears. At last you afforded to relax, and every part of your body is grateful to you for that. International restorative complex “Sea Castle” is situated 20 km from Dalian’s airport, in the area of resorts of the sea zone – this is the whole world, allowing to get pleasure from each moment. One shouldn’t try to find similarity with famous European and Arabian resorts. There is nothing of the kind in the world – only in China, on the coast of the Yellow sea.
In the international restorative center “Sea Castle” the basic direction is RESTORATIVE HEALING. Professor Zu Shi, who takes part in president consultation, will analyze the expediency and efficiency of the future trip of patients to “SC”.
After the arrival and accommodation, all the patients get acquainted with the professor and his assistants.
The doctors know perfectly not only China medicine but they are also degreed doctors with big clinical experience. When it’s indicated, an additional examination is made in a Dalian clinic, equipped with newest modern equipment, including nuclear magnetic resonance and lithitriptor.
After the diagnosis have been specified, private restorative healing is prescribed. The specialists of “Sea castle” are recognized to be the best diagnosticians and medical men.
They were repeatedly invited to participation in board of doctors of “the strong of this world” for restoration of health and prolongation of life. There are no incurable illnesses, there can be not enough experience and knowledge for their healing.
Doctors of Chinese medicine find and effect first of all on THE REASON OF THE ILLNESS, and not only on its consequence. This is the principal difference from western medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine cares not only of your corporal but also spiritual condition, healing begins with acquaintance with a doctor.
Diagnostics is accomplished on pulse.
There is terrestrial pulse – on legs, and celestial – on hands (wrists).
You come to a doctor. He makes external examination, looks at nails, pupils, the whites of the eyes, hair, ears, tongue. Further he touches wrists of your left and right hand. Then he says that you are a healthy man or enumerates your illnesses. At that he doesn’t intimidate with incurability of illnesses but offers to use natural remedies, unique massage, needle therapy, water procedures, which will restore your organism. At first sight it seems incredible, but results speak for themselves.
It’s relevant to add that doctors also study western medicine. They know it well and know effect of chemical drugs on a man organism.


  1. locomotorium
  2. chronic fatigue syndrome
  3. endocrinological disturbances
  4. chronic illnesses of kidneys
  5. restoration of changes of sexual sphere
  6. spinal curvature
  7. cardiovascular diseases
  8. obesity, excess weight
  9. hypertension
  10. weak immunity
  11. diseases of urino-genital system
  12. gynecologic diseases, infertility

Recommended minimal program of duration of a course - 14 days, optimal duration of a course – 21 days.
Guests can choose a comfortable location, from standard rooms to 3-room suites. All rooms are equipped with modern comfortable furniture, there are conditioners, 5 Russian channels. In bathrooms there are terry dressing gowns and bath slippers, which allow you to feel like at home. The restaurant with 3 halls will offer you to try refined dishes of Chinese and European kitchen. For convenience – meals of the type “buffet”.
You can also ask advice doctor-dietician on the right selection of dishes.
A cinema hall, billiards, library, beauty shop, open ground for gymnastics, dances, table tennis, gym, open swimming pool are also at guests’ servicies.

yours faithfully, the director of LLC “Maritas Tour” Sorokina Marina Victorovna
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