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18 December 2008

Police brotherhood unites continents

One of these days official guests visited our city –president of the Russian section of the International Police Association Aleksey Gankin and general secretary of IPA Igor Bogoroditsky. Correspondents of the newspaper “Sourse of news” coulnd’t miss the possibility to talk to such important persons, learn, if police brotherhood really exists, who finances the Police Association and what the main policemen of Russia dream about.

Aleksey Gankin, candidate of legal sciences, retired colonel of militia, president of Russian section IPA
S.N.: What are the main purposes and tasks of IPA’s activity in Russia?
- The main task is to unite people of one profession. Thanks to the fact that we learn each other better, we manage to solve professional tasks better. Anyway our organization solves the whole spectrum of other questions – this is organization of cultural connections, sport events, social support of families of perished military men and children, left without parental care. Furthermore we are engaged in scientific and publishing activity.
S.N.: In January 2008 Russian section IPA got a status of all-Russian public organization. Are there more possibilities?
- First, the very status of an all-Russian organization is important for us. Now we can pretend to participation, for example, in the Public Chamber by the President of the Russian Federation. Second, we got into the register of organizations, at which state organs pay far more attention, and this, in its turn, allows to solve many questions easier.
S.N.: Aleksey Konstantinovich, who finances the Police Association?
- Of course, international mafia! (laughing). To speak seriously, there is a system of membership fees – 500 rubles annually – for every IPA member. A part of this money go for international fees, and a part – for needs of the Russian section. Though, of course this is not the main source of income. If we conduct any social events, we apply for financial help to our friends and colleagues, who work in bank structures and other organizations. As a rule, nobody refuses us. S.N.: You are also a member of the trustee council of Saint Triphon Fund. How do you manage to combine all this?
- The thing is, purposes and tasks of the fund are so conformable to ours, that I just combime pleasant things with useful ones. One can say that we are friends on the level of organizations, and we even have several interesting common projects. Now we are trying to implement them.
S.N.: Aleksey Konstantinovich, you are from the village Khoteichi of Moscow region, now you live in the capital. Do you often visit your native land?
- I try to come every weekend. My mother lives there – she is my main person in my life. If I don’t come to my native village, I feel as if I didn’t rest in the weekend. Everything looks different there. When one has taken water from a well, drunk it, and strength appears at once. And I also like to stoke a bath, cook pilaw. This is real rest for me!
S.N..: Policemen are considered to be fearless people. And do you have fears?
- Of course, I do. Unfortunately, we don’t become younger as the years go by. I’m afraid that one time physical health won’t allow me to accomplish the whole mission given to me by the God.
S.N. What do you strive at the present time for?
- Concerning the work, I’d like our organization to become more powerful, significant and authoritative in Russia as well at the international level. And what concerns personal purposes, I’d like to lose a little weight (smiling). To tell the truth active life begins primarily after 6 p.m. and I’m not able to keep dietary regime.

Igor Bogoroditsky, professor, academician of the Academy of Safety Problems, Defense, Law and Order, retired colonel of militia, general secretary of Russian section IPA

S.N.: Igor Borisovich, what does the activity of a general secretary consist of?
- My activity is connected, in general, with solution of organizational questions, document circulation, solution of questions concerning membership, preparation of sessions of the central executive committee.
S.N. What working contacts unite the Russian organization with the International Police Association?
- Thus far there are quite good contacts, though they could be broader. The Russian section takes part in all events, conducted by IPA, and these are international conferences, congresses, etc. There is constant change of international delegations, big quantity of foreign guests come to Russia. On the whole our and foreign colleagues are open for contacts.
S.N.: Do you think that experience of Russian militia is interesting to international police community?
- Of course. They know well, in what difficult conditions we work, that our material and technical support is not at a very high level. And they are surprised at the results, which we show in these conditions.
S.N.: Does police brotherhood really exist?
- Such notion exists primarily abroad. When you come to any country, you come to a colleague and say that you are a member of the police association, you become at once an inside man and the attitude is absolutely different.
S.N.: Your visit to Kirov has also a practical purpose…
- Kirov region is one of the most active regions. He takes part in all events of the Russian section IPA. Here there is a branch of the law college of the police association and a children organization “Young Friend of Law”. One of the founders is IPA in the both organizations. We won a grant on legal education of children, juveniles and youth, and within the bounds of this grant we brought a hundred thousand rubles for the children organization “Young Friend of Law”. This money will be spent on organization of a summer camp for children.
S.N.: Igor Borisovich, what projects do you plan to accomplish?
- Next year we have big plans connected with expansion of geography of our organization. We hope that in 2009 we’ll be able to create structures in all regions of the RF. Anyway we plan development of scientific activity, expansion of international contacts. We have a good project concerning creation of the World Book of remembrance of perished police and militia officers. And of course we’d like to raise status of the organization with allowance for its all Russian character.
S.N.: What do you personally dream about?
- In my life I often traveled. I visited about forty countries. But of course not all countries yet. I’m eager to visit places where I haven’t been. I want to organize a scientific-educational complex “Future of Russia”, where one could develop children since early age till higher education. In general, there are many interesting things in life (smiling).