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Report of the President of the Kirov regional public organization “Police Association” for the VI report-election conference of Kirov regional public organization “Police Association”

26 August 2020
  1. Greeting
  2. Report on the annual regional cultural and sporting events
  3. Charity (help for veterans, cooperation with charity foundation «Power of life», social activity)
  4. Report on the international cooperation
    1. Participation in Friendship Week
    2. Reception of Foreign delegations
  5. Regional Executive Committee (amount of meetings, information on the amount of members in the organization, REC had regularly listened the information on the participation of the President in Councils)
  6. Representation of the Organization in the committee under state authorities
  7. Closing remark


Hello dear colleagues!

I am glad to greet al the representatives of the VI report-election conference of Kirov regional public organization „Police Association“! I would like to thank you for active participation in life and development of the organization. At first I would like to tell you about the association’s achievements and changes for the last 5 years.

At the time of the last report-election conference in 2015 the organization consisted of 1060 members, during the past period of time this number decreased by 8.5% and today there are 970 members in the Organization. In my opinion, the indicators are great for the nonprofit organization. We are able to maintain the interest of our members and to motivate them for participation in our events and charity. Many of these event are now traditional.

The annual Billiards tournament was the first organized in 2006 for Victory Day and Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs day and every time more than 100 members of the KRPO „Police association“ and their family members take part in the tournament. Member’s skills grow and game standards increase. Likewise, for the annual Day of Rest, which is devoted to Fatherland Defenders Day there is a real reconstruction of the combat battles of the Great Patriotic War. Guests of the event can enjoy beautiful nature, eat Buckwheat porridge in the field kitchen, and snowmobile. More than 400 people take part in this event each year.

One of the most favorite events of our members is the Sport, Health and Family Festival in the child health camp „Luch“. During this event, there are volleyball, dart, archery, air rifle shooting, and lifting weights competitions. All comers are invited to eat buckwheat porridge in the field kitchen.

Such events unite and rally all members of the association. Besides the traditional events members of the Organisation take part in annual regional cultural and sporting events. 

For 12 years Over 15 teams, which is more than 500 participants, take part In the annual chess tournament among Enforcement authorities and supervising structures of the Kirov region devoted for the Fatherland Defenders Day. Our organization encourages its members to constantly improve their professional skills, exchange work experience and knowledge with colleagues, and to broaden their horizons in all areas. All the members know that organization encourages the development of the group-sports and physical culture among the members.


Every year members of KRPO „Police association“ arrange strength contests in bench press among children with special needs and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Traditionally all the participants were awarded with medals, certificates, and prizes. More than 50 kids take part in a competition. Moreover, our organization along with the sport association „Dinamo“ arrange an annual individual tournament in bullet shooting with the hunting smooth-bore and rifled weapons. The tournament is devoted to the memory of our countryman, master of sport of the USSR, U. K. Kukushkin. Members of our organization also actively participate in the track and field run named „Russia without drugs“, which is timed with the international day of fighting with illegal drugs trafficking.

One of the most important activities of the KRPO „Police Association“ is charity. For the last 5 years, we were able to help many orphan children and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Due to diligence of the following members of the KRPO „Police Association“:  Reshetnokiv Vladimir, Serkina Ekaterina, Nagimova Anna, the annual New Year sport event in the orphanage for kids with special needs with New Year presents and tea party.

Every year members of the Association arrange a great sports party for Christmas at the Children's youth center of the Oktyabrsky district of Kirov city for the children from orphanages and secondary school students of Kirov Region. 

Due to the active support of the KRPO „Police Association, “ the sports fest of the Russian press is arranged at the Boarding schools for the Visually impaired children. Moreover, at the child health camp, „Mir“ annual tournaments in the Russian press are arranged thanks to the Kirov department of the International Police Association. Children participate in the Tournament with excitement and interest.

 Members of our association also take part in arranging of the international tournaments. Thus, the European Championship contest in strength was held in Sochi, at the „AquaLoo“ complex. There were 17 contesting countries. Teams from Children’s youth center of the Kirov city,  Organization of persons with disabilities of the Kirov city, a Boarding school for children with disabilities of Sovetsk town of Kirov Region represented Kirov region. Children not only participated but were also awarded with prizes, medals, and cups.

All the sporting events of our organization are arranged in order to popularize a healthy lifestyle among young people. KRPO „Police Association“ aims to enhance the credibility of the Enforcement authorities by inviting young people to the themed conferences and meetings.

This year, the member of KRPO „Police Association“ and the head of Kirov regional fire and rescue, police and law college, Sharpov I.G. arranged the V international conference for students of the college on the topic: «Social involvement in prevention and elimination of the emergency situations“. Students of the college take part in arranging of the Memory Evening „Thank you, for being alive“ in memory of Military actions in Chechnya and Afganistan. Event organizers are: „Military brotherhood“, „Disabled people of war“, „Russian Association of Afganistan veterans“. Young people take part in arrAnging of the patriotic evening „Day of the Recruit“ in Kirov region. The event is devoted to recruiting to the Presidential regiment. During the event, the Kirov department of Voluntary society for assistance to the Russian army, aviation, and Navy (VSARAAN)provides interactive space for the popularization of the VSRAAN’s activity in preparing citizens for military service.

Among the honorable guests are the Delegation of firefighters from Hessen, Germany, and the Delegation of young volunteering firefighters from Wiesbaden, Germany. Amateur saviors together with their peers from the Kirov region participate in events devoted to the MES Day, Get acquainted with the features of the service in the fire department in Kirov. Old friends of KRPO „Police Association“ from Germany come with private visit in college. They tell students about their country, Frankfurt am Main, and about the system of the fire department and the police department in Germany. Due to such international connections, every student of the college has an opportunity to participate in international exchanges between our countries.

Our organization pays particular attention to establish and maintain friendly connections between members of the Russian IPA and our international colleagues all over the world. Active participation of KRPO „Police Association“ in the international weeks of friendship can’t go unnoticed.

Our association arranges international meetings with our foreign colleagues. Such meetings provide the development of personal contacts between members of the organization, increasing of international acquaintances among youths, which helps them to exchange professional experience.

Such events are now traditional, they are also loved by members of our organization. This year there will be a 12th friendly meeting of members of IPA in Germany. The event is being arranged by the German department of IPA in Police Academy in Zelm–Bork (Germany). Allcomers are invited to visit the Sightseeing tour. In class, there is an exchange of experience of Law enforcement agencies from various countries. Every year more than 50 members of the KRPO „Police Association“ and their families participate in this event.

Every year the Ski Week is arranged in the first half of January in Austria (Innsbruck). Besides skiing, there are meetings with representatives of IPA. During The second part of January takes place the Ski Week in South Austria (Hermagor). There are tours around Picturesque places, themed evenings, and events for friendly communication between IPA representatives from different countries. Over 50 members of the Association KRPO „Police Association“ participate in these events.

The team of the KRPO „Police Association“ had participated 12 times in the annual world tournament among Enforcement authorities in the Netherlands. This year there will be the 38th traditional match. During free days comers may go on a tour to the various European cities and countries. From 50 to 100 members of the KRPO „Police Association „ and their family members participate in this event.

This year there was the 5th-anniversary match in broomball between the team of German embassy representatives in Moskow and law enforcement and regulatory agencies of the Kirov region.

Office of the President provides great support for members of the organization in the booking of tickets, hotels, cars, visa registration, and constantly assists overseas.

Honorable guests from our country and foreign countries also participate on traditional events. We must point out our foreign guests: Herd Zaida, our frequent guest, a friend of the KRPO „Police Association“ representative of German department of IPA; Associate Professor of the University of the Higher School of Police of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, Tübingen (germany) Jürgen Werner; collegues from Czech Republic Thomas Resler and Petr Cherny; member of Romanian national section Lilian Gluh, who lives in London and works for Romanian and English section of „Police association“; Christian Simon, representative of Federal Criminal Police Department of Germany, adviser to the german ambassador, Christian had come to visit Kirov three times now; political scientist Alexander Rara, who is also a friend of KRPO „Police Association“; Vera Mayer, principal of russian-speaking school of additional education „Sport, education and culture „My school“, Wiesbaden, Hessen; Pim Yanus, deputy chief of the Police department of Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sarah Tillart, press Secretary, head of Department on protection of the rights of police officers; Uno Laas, Igor Reinmaa, Mati Mardy, members of Estonian national section of IPA, Andre Neits, Communications Officer in Belgian embassy in Moskow, who were invited in Kirov twice; Mr. Johannes Funke, Counsellor of the German Embassy  in Russia Thomas Knaap, Police Attache of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Dagober Dooas and Gerhard Hazelnah, representatives of German embassy in Moskow and volunteer firefighters from Gremany, Wiesbaden.

Due to the activity of the organization, Kirov region visited representatives of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Nethterlands, USA, Italy, Litva, Finland, Norway, England, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Swezerland, and France!

Moreover, in traditional activities also take part not only famous people from Kirov region, such as: Chairman of the Board of Trustees KRPO „Police Association“ Sergey Alexeevich Smirnov, head of the administration of Slobodskoy region Kostilev Alexandr Ibanovich; Head of the Investigative Department of Kirov Region Sitchihin Andrey Valerievich; head of the department of on duty investigators Shaihetdinov Marat Farhatovich; deputy head of the Main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Kirov region and State Fire Protection Service Shestakov Komstantin Vladimirovich; the acting President of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region Titov Roman Albertovich; head of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in Kirov Region, Brovchenko Dmitry Leonidovich; representative of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan in the Kirov region Osmanov Abdurahman Dolgatovich; senior assistant to the head of the  investigative Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Kirov Region Dojjachih Dmitriy Vladimirovich; head of the Public and territory protection department of Kirov region Administration Pletenev Sergey Leonidovich; But also members of Federal association: head of Russian Police Association Yuri Nikolaevich Zhdanov; deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Oleg Dorianovich Valenchuk; President of the Lipetsk regional department of IPA Vitaly Ivanov; two-time world champion in mixed martial arts, adviser of St. Petersburg governor in sport and youth policy Semenov Andrey Vladimirovich. It is important to mention work of the regional Executive Committee of the organization. In accordance with te article 7.7 of the Charter the current activity of organization is controlled by the president and REC. During the reporting period there were 30 meetings in which current activity of the organization was discussed (events arranging, meetings with foreign delegations). 8 members of the organization worked under control of the Üresident: Pervakov A.P. Menshenin V.L. Sharipov I.M. Mamaev A.D., Biserov A.V., Gurijanov A.V., Kolpakov V.N., Gasilin E.E. Regional Executive Committee had regulary heard the information about the Presiden’s participation in public councils.

As a president, I regularly participate in the work of various social associations and organizations, such as meetings of Public Chamber, Commission against drugs under the Governor of Kirov Region, the public Council under the administration of Governor and government of Kirov region, public Council at the investigation Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Kirov region, public Council of management of Federal tax service across the Kirov region.

During the inspection of the documentation of the KRPO "Police Association" by the Ministry of Justice, flaws were identified and successfully eliminated.

Moreover, the decisions, that have been made during the V report-election conference of the KRPO „Police Association“ in 2015 were implemented. Changes were made to the name of KRPOO „Police Association“, to be precise the full name Regional Public organization IPA (INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION) „Police Association“ was changed to Kirov regional public Organization "Police Association: abbreviated Kirov Regional Public Organization IPA to KROO "Police Association".

The charter of the CRO "Police Association" was brought into compliance with the standards of Chapter 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and was adopted in a new version.

In conclusion, The organization has a lot of members, who participate in annual events. I hope that in the future we will be able to maintain our standards and work harder. Thank you for your attention and active participation in the work of our organization. As president of KRPOO „POLICE Association, “I would like to express Special thanks to Sidorov Andrey Alexandrovich, Makovkoy Igor Alexandrovich, Shapkin Viktor Vasilevich, Noskov Sergey Alexandrovich, Smirnov Roman Sergeevich, Shagunov Dmitriy Valentinovich, Bakulin Andrei Victorovich. 

The treasurer and representative of the audit Committee will speak on the matter of financial and economic activity.