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Individual championship in shooting

6 September 2016

August 26, 2016 the third open  individual tournament of the shooting from the hunting smooth-bore and rifle guns in honor of the master of sport Yuriy Kukushkin was held at the shooting range near Kstinino.

Over 30 participants and guests took part in the tournament. The panel of judges was headed by the chief judge of the competition  Alexander Andreev. The competitors were divided into three groups by types of weapons: smooth, rifled with open sights, rifled with a telescopic sight and 2 age groups.

The president of the Kirov regional department of IPA Nikolay Koshcheev and  Kukushkin’s  daughter - Natalia, who lives now in Moscow made an opening  speech.

Before the tournament the Council of Veterans of the Kirov division,  retired colonel Boris Shabalin reported on readiness of the competition.

In the individual championship the prize-winners of the competition depending on the types of weapons were:

Shotguns 1st age group:

1st place - Cheglakov D.
2nd place - Bakhtin D.
3rd place - Toroschin A.

Shotguns 2nd age group:

1st place - Ushakov V.
2nd place - Kutyukov A.
3rd place - Sanovich A.

Rifled with open sights 1st age group.

1st place - Shklyaev A.
2nd place – Sobolev S.
3rd place - Barmin V.

Rifled with telescopic sight

1st age group 
1st place - Bakhtin D.
2nd place - Bushkov D.
3rd place - Shklyaev A.

Rifled with telescopic sight

2nd age group 
1st place - Bakulin B.
2nd place - Rybkin Y.

The overall standings showed the winners of the competition:

1st age group:

1st place - Bakhtin D.

2nd place - Melkishev V.

3rd place - Sobolev S.


The winners of the tournament were awarded with prizes and diplomas.


The absolute champion of the third tournament  Bakhtin Dmitry received from Kukushkin’s relatives the Challenge Cup of the Winner.


After the competitions the participants and guests had the opportunity to taste delicious soldier's porridge and to have a cup of hot tea.

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