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Chess Tournament in the club "Vyatka Boat" among the members of the security and law enforcement agencies.

15 February 2016

On February 13, in the club "Vyatskaya Ladiya" was held regular chess championship. Event was organized by the Kirov regional section of the IPA.  There were 14 chess teams (42 participants), representing law enforcement structures of the Kirov region.

A large number of the one didn’t affect on the quality of the game. There were  professionals of different classes and chess fans. The tournament was held on the Swiss system in 7 rounds and everyone had a chance to approve himself.  Chess judge of the All-Russian category Maksim Milyukovskiy  judged the contest. The tournament was full of interesting, but  sometimes dramatic sets. Participants fought for the chance to get the cup winner 7 rounds. As a result, the prizes were distributed as follows:

The staff of the Kirov Regional Court maintained First team position once again. The officers  of Russian Federal Security Service took the second place. Bronze winner was the team MES of the Kirov region.

Winning places were played in the individual competition on the boards.

1 board

I place -  Dresvyannikov Vladimir ( The Regional Court)

II place - Nelyubin Anton (The Federal tax agency's department)

III place - Korjakin Eugene (The Police Association)

2 board

I place - Abashev Valeriy  (The Russian Federal Security Service)

II place - Berdnikov Yuriy (The Kirov Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia)

III place - Suvorov Sergey (The Regional Court)

III place - Novoselova Maria (The College of Law IPA)

3 board

I place - Visheratin Vitaliy (The Regional Court)

II place - Byvalov Andrey (the Police Association)

III place - Sergei Zayko (MES team)

III place - Veshchev Benjamin (The Kirov Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia).

Especially we would like to mention the youngest participants Nosonova Elizaveta and  Novoselova Mariya from  The College of Law IPA team, playing on an equality with adults.

The Kirov regional section of the IPA congratulates all participants and wishes to improve their skills.


See you next time!