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13 August 2015

From 6 to 14 July, 2012 the Kirov delegation visited the Friendship Week, which took place in Selm-Bork, North Rhine-Westphalia  (NRW), Germany. The German side (IPA Bork) kindly provided for our visitors buildings of Police Academy , which prepares law enforcement officers and policemen.

Participants were expected with a very intense program, which began with a tour around the Academy complex. All the delegates were impressed by the advanced infrastructure and equipment of the complex, which, incidentally, has been fully provided for the use of the delegates. The complex includes modern gallery ranges, a huge swimming pool, sauna, bowling hall, fitness and sports halls, a huge stadium with running tracks, a race track for testing driving skills. There are the classes for the criminal process and criminalistics, forensic science and other specialized and applied sciences, library.

Participants were waited for very rich program, beginning with examination of main complex. All delegates noticed high level of infrastructure development, which, by the way, was completely given for the using by delegates. It means shooting ranges, huge swimming pool, sauna, bowling, gyms, huge stadium with treadmills, autodrome for working off driving skills. Besides, there are classes for studying of the criminal process, criminology, forensic medicine, other special and applied sciences, and library.

During the Friendship Week in Selm-Bork the tourists have visited a number of cities in North Rhine-Westphalia (such as Münster, Bochum, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, Aachen, Brule), besides, there was an opportunity to visit Belgium (Brussels), Netherlands (The Hague and Amsterdam), and other countries by theirs own using cars.

Week of Friendship is held every year. Next year there will be the anniversary meeting, for which all members of the Kirov regional branch of the RS IPA have been invited by the Head of Selm International Police Association Conrad Brёker.