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25 June 2009











The times of “Iron Curtain” passed, and it is not only destroyed, but also reliably buried. Friendship strengthening between policemen of the different countries much promotes it. Recently two employees of the Kirov militia returned from Prague, from the international seminar. At a meeting with colleagues from nine countries they represented not only Kirov region, but also Russia.
Two Andreys, two majors. After the lapse of several days they are still full of impressions. Whether the joke - to represent militia of the whole country before eminent colleagues! Participants of a seminar were accepted by the higher ranks of the Czech law enforcement bodies. Besides they had unique possibility to get acquainted with an operational experience of the police European Union countries.
It was interesting to Andrey Kurdyumov to compare work of the Russian special divisions to similar structure in Czech Republic, as colleagues took away much time to it during a seminar.
ANDREY KURDYUMOV, the MAJOR of MILITIA, MEMBER of KRO RS IPA: «I would not tell that our special divisions work worse. The speed of our members of “special forces” is much above in all. Well, the equipment and arms at Czechs is more solid, it is manufactured in Germany».
ANDREY ODINTSOV was interested in work of foreign cynological services. Dogs are very productively used not only at capture of criminals and search of drugs, but also at rescue of people during acts of nature. Some professional aspects would be interesting to Kirov colleagues.
ANDREY ODINTSOV, the MAJOR of MILITIA, MEMBER of KRO RS IPA: «Their experience is very serious. There, for example the dog is constantly together with the employee. Cynological psychologists consider that thanks to this fact, their work becomes only better».
Certainly they discussed wages level. Contrary to expectations it appeared that policemen of the European Union countries have almost the same wages. An exception is Denmark - there prosperity of agents of national security is essentially more than in other countries. Geographical knowledge of colleagues from other countries amused our people, in their opinion Vyatka is somewhere around the Ural mountains.
The seminar passed in Prague in the area of the international police association. The trip nevertheless, would not take place without participation of a management of the Department of Internal Affairs of area which showed the big interest in training of the employees. Despite that Russians in the list of participants were not primary, Kirov branch of IPA managed to agree about it.
NIKOLAY KOSCHEEV, the VICE-PRESIDENT of RS IPA: «It was necessary to talk to the president of the Czech section personally after that they allocated two places and they were given to Kirov people. It is very pleasant that our reputation allows us to solve such questions”.
Let's improve English - say both Andreys and continue to share with colleagues the received information. Nikolay Koscheev is ready further and together with a management of the Department of Internal Affairs, to organize foreign training of employees. On such trips after all there is one more important point. For example now the Kirov militiamen are personally familiar with policemen of 9 countries.
NIKOLAY KOSCHEEV, VICE-PREZIDENT RS IPA: «Kirov militiamen now have acquaintances in police structures of 9 countries of the world. And any questions can be solved not only on demand and simply phone call”.