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Where are in Kirov girl-friends of Bond and local Mata Hari brought up?

29 April 2009

Certainly in legal college of the international police association you can find them. Every year the best Kirov students compete for a rank "Ms. Police Academy".
We’ll tell about last minutes behind side scenes before the competition beginning. Girls worry, but anybody from spectators, and in particular from competent jury do not notice it. What is the fear of a scene in comparison with parachute jump or shooting from the fighting weapon? For a rank "Ms. police academy" this year struggled ten girls. Combat training is already left behind, remains creative competition.

Especially it is necessary to tell about those who estimated girls. The competent jury are representatives of administration, heads of power structures and others. Alexey Rozuvan presided as usual.

ALEXEY Rozuvan, the DEPUTY of the STATE DUMA: « What the girls do is uneasy. And it is very important. Preparation in our college is very serious and our graduates should be able to prove it in various situations.»

On competition many members of IPA have come. The president of Kirov branch NIKOLAY Koscheev: «Well, our members are real men. We are simply obliged to support and approve what the girls do. And if to tell seriously, the college is our child, as well as its pupils. Therefore we support all actions in which they participate. »
Besides the pride for the future representatives of power structures, spectators have tested also aesthetic pleasure, observing the creative abilities of particiants.
"Ms. Police Academy-2009» became the participant at number 10 - Marina Kuzmin. During this year she should confirm this rank with successes in study and combat training.