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Annual cadet and student dedication

14 September 2011

A solemn event, the ceremony of the annual cadet and student dedication in the Kirov branch of Juridical College of the Russian Section of the International Police Association, took place on Saturday 23 October 2010 at 10 a.m. in the building of the Kirov Customs office.

The main college activity is the training of personnel reserve for the law-enforcement agencies. The college prepares law, taxes professionals and fire men.

The Juridical College of the Russian Section International Police Association was founded in Russia in 1995 and is located in Tula. The college branches train specialists in 8 regions of our country. The Kirov branch has been working since 2003. A solemn cadet oath has been sounding annually since that time.This memorable day is always very important for the students and cadets as they give a solemn promise to wear the honorary title of the cadet and college student with dignity. The Juridical College actively cooperates with many law-enforcement agencies in accordance with the program of legal and patriotic education. Our friends are the Kirov regional customs office, military unit №45, Department of the Federal Migration Service of the Kirov region, Department of the Federal Tax Service, and others.

     Many guests, among whom there were many famous and high-ranking officials of the city, came to congratulate the guys and their teachers. They wished to the teenagers to become stronger, physically fit, successful, more organized and highly cultured persons in the cadet ranks. Cadet-newcomers with a special interest were listening to the elders’ instructions, those who had been in "hot spots".

     A solemn speech was made by the head of the municipality "Kirov" Bykov V.V., the Head of the Kirov Customs post Pesterev S.A., the President of the Kirov Region RS IPA Koshcheev N.V., the headmaster of school № 48 Zimina T.N., the commander of Military Unit №45 Chaban R.N., the staff and veterans of the FMS of the Kirov region in Russia.