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Traditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Victory Day

15 May 2011


Traditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Victory Day 

A traditional Russian billiards tournament devoted to Victory Day, was held on 7 and 8 May 2011 in billiards club “KGB”.

Policemen are faithful to their traditions. On these May holidays they met again at billiards tables. The tournament devoted to Victory Day was held not for the first time. But every time it surprises its participants.

The same players and the same place. The number of participants have increased since the foundation of the tournament. For some players participating in may tournament became a habit. Among them there are just beginners, who decided to try this intellectual game. Police Association brought together about 50 fans of Russian billiards once again.

At the opening of the tournament everybody honoured the memory of fallen Vladimir Prozorov and Grigoriy Degtyarev with a one-minute silence.

The billiards tournament among policemen does well only in Kirov. Though such tournament are also held sometimes in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd. By the way, some guests from the city-hero were expected. But at the last moment, they changed their plans, now they are going to come to the tournament devoted to their professional holiday in November. Although some guests visited the tournament. Frank Hellmuth, an officer of the criminal police in Germany, watched the “battles”. He seldom takes part in such tournaments. But according to his words billiards is very popular among his colleagues. Games are usually held on weekends in clubs or at home tables.

According to IPA Kirov sooner or later these tournaments will change their status from urban into Russian and perhaps international. Upcoming changes will complicate and rules of billiard events. Last tournamets passed without any changes. The judge divided the participants into three groups, the winners of which played in the Grand Final.

In the first group the third place was shared by Shilov Nikolay and Kolpakov Viktor. Lobzanov Sergey took the second place. Pimenov Evgeniy won the first place in Group 1.

In the second group the places were folowing: Davydov Denis and Kornilova Yuliya took the third place. It is worth mentioning that Julia was the only woman among the players, but her skills were as good as the rest’s ones. Kuznetcov Andrey took the cecond place and Karandin Oleg – the first.

In the third group Guryanov Andrey and Rukavishnikov Nikolay were on the third place, Balyberdin Sergey took the second prise and Sharomov Alexey  - the first. Alexey won Superfinal too.

Police Association is very thankful to all the participants and Davydov Denis for the help of the organisation of the tournament.