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7 September 2009

On behalf of the governor of region the head of working group, the vice-president of the Government of area Alexander Galitskih congratulated on election in high public body of the gathered on working out of the regional law on public chamber. He noticed that for each member of chamber the Law «About Public chamber of the Kirov region» should become the basic document. According to it "the governor's" part of chamber in two-month term should lead competitive selection of 25 members which nominees will offer public associations.
At session the gathered confirmed procedure of such competitive selection, selected the commission on consideration of offers of public associations. The commission from five persons included the President of Kirov regional branch RS IPA Nikolay Koshcheev. By 17th September, the list of candidates should be generated, then by rating voting 25 persons who will make second half of chamber will be chosen.
Though official readout of existence of Public chamber of the Kirov region will begin with the first plenary session of its full structure, Galitskih noticed that the chamber actually began the activity. He underlined that public examination of bills is assigned to its members, first of all. According to it, the government of area and Legislative Assembly in the autumn of 2009 would like to hear opinion of Public chamber under two important documents: to the law «about a curfew» for children and teenagers, and also to the law on the representative under human rights in the Kirov region.
But chamber activity should not be limited only to examination of bills. Any question which excites a society, can and should become a point of issue of Public chamber. The opinion of members will be extremely important both to representatives of the power, and inhabitants of Vyatka.