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25 June 2009

The interesting project was presided by Kirov branch of inter-regional children's public organization "Young friend of the law". Within five days its participants comprehended elements of army service. Together with these children, pupils of the Soviet orphan home divided burdens and small victories.
Children lived in field conditions, in the present army tents, under the soldier's schedule: lifting at 7 a.m., jogging of 2 kilometers, in the afternoon - drill, cross-country, employment by hand-to-hand fight, fire preparation, and a march-throw on 6 kilometers.
As the vice-president of the organization Igor Sharipov informed us, that Kirov regional branch "Young friend of the law" was recognized as one of the best ones, it won the grant and consequently could organize such military-patriotic camp. The big help was rendered by Kirov regional branch RS IPA. For the first time pupils of the Soviet orphan home took part in this project.

Igor Sharipov, vice-president of the organization «Young friend of the law»: «We looked after for a long time already children from this orphan home. Cadets of legal college regularly visit them, hold concerts, and play with children. For the international day of the child cadets made a playground. Here in camp, they study what friendship and life is.»
The most courageous children dared to overcome their fear and jumped with a parachute.
The nature as though checking cadets on firmness, gave surprises. In the first days there was a heat with mosquitoes, then hurricane took down tents, and it was necessary to shoot at a downpour, lying in dirt. But also it did not sadden impressions.
Every day was sated to a limit, it was very heavy, but children say, that nobody wanted to leave it.