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19 Dezember 2007

The Kirov Department IPA is noted by the State Duma


The supreme legislative body of the country has appreciated the contribution of our fellow countrymen to the all-Russian and even world-wide crime fighting. Nikolay Koshcheev, President of the Kirov regional department Russian section IPA, Vice-President of the Russian section of this authoritative international organization, was recently awarded with the honorary diploma of the State Duma signed by Vladimir Vasilyev, Head of the Parliamentary Safety Committee, Ex-assistant of the Minister of the Interior of Russia.

Thus, Nikolay Koshcheev, Militia colonel in reserve, in the recent past the Head of the regional drug interdiction department, was noted for the active and fruitful cooperation to improve the legislation in the sphere of the National Security of Russian Federation, for the significant contribution to develop the legal basis of the activity of the law enforcement bodies and the Russian special services.

“In this case not only my individual achievements but the activities of the Kirov department of the Association on the whole are appreciated”, Nikolay says. “The representative offices of IPA function in 50 Russian regions and the Kirov department is one of the most authoritative, the third largest in the country in the number of its members. Our Kirov organization consists of more than 800 people. These are still working officers of the law enforcement agencies and special services as well as former ones. The organization also includes civilians who work actively to prevent the crime rise. I believe, besides that this award distinguishes the important anti-crime work of all our Kirov region and its law enforcement bodies.