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5 July 2009



1st of July became an important day for employees of the law and order. Their ranges were replenished with new shots. Graduates of legal college of the International Police Association received diplomas. These young specialists are already waited in service of court enforcement officers, in the Ministry of Emergency Measures and militia.
There are a lot of lawyers, but in legal college of the International Police Association they are especial. Here specialists for work in law enforcement bodies are taught. Not all of the students who came to this college at once understood the importance of the chosen way. Teachers explained everything, brought students up.

Igor Sharipov, the director of legal college RS IPA: «We are seriously engaged in education of students, in all directions. For example, many pupils - do not smoke. First of all we achieve it thanks to our own example. In the territory of college it is forbidden to smoke to all teachers».
The special attention in college is given to the ideology. The future guards should understand problems of the state importance and know what the mission of employees of the law and order consists of.

NIKOLAY REZNICHENKO, the GENERAL - COLONEL, the ADVISER of the PRESIDENT of RS IPА: «The ideology if want propagation – without it, it is impossible. The future agents of national security should concern tremblingly an officer rank, to epaulets. They should be the real citizens of the country».
For graduates of college this day is especial and long-awaited – getting the diplomas, congratulations and parting words.

ALEXEY ROZUVAN, the DEPUTY of the STATE DUMA: «I am proud of these children. They are always ahead – in all city actions. It is our worthy change».
NIKOLAY KOSCHEEV, the VICE-PRESIDENT of RS IPА: «These boys and little girls are potentially good specialists, here they were given brilliant knowledge. We hope that our graduates will find worthy work».
Farewell to a banner is a tradition of college. Ahead, in an adult life of graduates serious tests wait many, but at last - it is still a little on children's, throw in air the berets.