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In 1986 they struggled against invisible enemy, the radiation

1 May 2009

In 1986 they struggled against invisible enemy, the radiation. Today they continue that fight for the sake of their close people for their own life. The 23d anniversary of the accident on the Nuclear Power Plant of Chernobyl was celebrated in Kostino. That event’s participants shared their memories again and lay flowers to the local monument sacred to the memory of the people who died in Chernobyl. They don’t see so many cars in Kostino usually. There were liquidators (participant in emergency clean-up after the Chernobyl nuclear accident), regional administration and force structures. But the 1st was the participants of super-marathon “Russia is our Home”, they covered 620 kilometers and left behind some regions. The also be liquidators among the participants of super-marathon. The moment they spend there cost life for some of then and problems with health for others. Victor Kobelev is one of them. He was 7 times for 15 seconds on the top of entombment. But he doesn’t beg for pity, he is troubled with some other loss.
Victor Kobelev, participant in emergency clean-up after the Chernobyl nuclear accident: “You understand me, my woe and my loss. I’d lost many friends of mine, they’ve left that world”.
In Kirov region more then 800 persons died because of the accident on the Nuclear Power Plant of Chernobyl. All of them were paid the tribute to the memory by the moment of silence.
The guard of honour is cadets of Kirov Low College of International Police Association. Just these gays were issued that significant mission by the liquidators. The cadets are looked after by the principal Igor Sharipov and the IPA President Nicolay Koscheev. They compliment the poise of gays. After the monument of silence the citizens of town Pripyat talked. The town was left first. Then liquidators’ wives (they are widows now) were given word. Through the poetry the viewers of the most terrible accident of the 20th century was sad for the lost of relatives and friends, health and disappointment in the government, who were to protect them. Maria Gaydar, government acting president, tried to carry through the situation: “I hope that if we work together with the federal government, we’ll have an opportunity to solve these problems”.

With hope of changes and healthy future by the end of the meeting, alive laid flowers dead. Local members of RS IPA remembered their colleagues, who responded their civil duty and call of duty that day.