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We offer you an amazing trip to Vyatka hinterland through the countryside houses for guests!

Day 1

9 a.m – the group’s gathering on the railway station square (near the shopping center «Leto»)

Departure to  Nagoryana countryside in  Kumensky district of  Kirov region. This is the unique countryside! The place of power!!! We will live in an adobe house (made of clay and straw using the oldest technology)

Participation in the roundelay «The movement of life» where we’ll kindle our own inner fire. This is the great opportunity to adjust and fix your lives!

You have a unique opportunity to take part in the master-class «Pravka i ladka» (for the additional payment). The aim is to acquire the ability of self-recovery of your mental and physical health.

Lunch. The simple, clear and healthy countryside dishes made of the organic products. The tasting of the own production beverage.

The relaxing on the real rural shelves!

The countryside smoke sauna! (For the additional payment)

The master class in craft (the forging for men and the embroidering with ribbons for woman). Evening tea and warm heartfelt conversations.

Supper. Intimate conversations and discussion of the productive day.

Charged by power, happy and satisfied, we go to the next point of our trip – the ancient Vasnetsov’s village Oshet in Sunskoy disctrict. 

Evening tea from a real samovar at the campfire. 


Day 2

Delicious bliny with honey for breakfast.

The review excursion in Oshet village and visiting of the Spasskaya church. We will admire at priests Vasnetsov’s monuments, learn the peculiarities of the peasants’ national clothes in VII-VIII centuries in the Museum of Peasants’ Life. We will also walk to the St. Isakovsky fount where the water is really crystal and has medicinal properties). We will make a wish near the beautiful Vasnetsov lime which is the monument of nature.


The russian folklore program.

«Oshetskiye gatherings». You will take part in the games, Russian folk amusements, ancient rituals and dancing to an accordion.

 You can buy a souvenirs and a handicrafts. The tasting of saffron milk caps mushrooms and the national strong drink.

Russian national dinner. As a dessert you will take part in a game «Guess what jam it is».

Master class «Souvenir as a keepsake» where you will learn how to do the traditional Slavic doll-talisman «Oshetinka» or how to weave a belt-amulet.

Swimming in a pond.

Excursion «Visiting the sculptor». We will go to the creative workshop of the famous Vyatka sculptor N.L. Ledentsov who is the member of the Russian Artists’ Union.

Supper. Sitting around the campfire. Being inspired, we leave the Oshet village.

Arrival to the Yasnaya Polyana countryside in the Kilmezsky district. Evening tea.


Day 3.

Home bakery for breakfast.

The guide program «Visiting a beekeeper». You will learn about his work, will taste «medovukha» and fresh honey.

The excursion to the unique private lore museum in a peasant’s house.

The master class of the bast shoes’ weaving.


For lunch you will taste Russian national dishes.

Master class of an inoculation of cedar to a pine tree.

Free time. Somebody will go to a forest for mushrooms and berries, others will go to a rustic bath «in white» (for the additional payment). Those who won’t go to the bath will swim in a pond, go boating and fishing for supper.

And for the lazy people we’ve prepared a «stronger exotics»!

The Russian version of «Jeep safari» - in the UAZ car through the off-road area (for additional payment).

Supper on a green lawn: «ukha» (fish soup) on a campfire, baked potatoes, tasting of homemade drinks. «Chastushki» (like limericks) and folk songs to an accordion. A talented hostess will sing a few songs for you which won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Aaaaand… going home! Perhaps, you will understand that these 4 days were the real countryside life here, in Vyatka province.

Arrival to Kirov about 9.30 p.m.


Cost of the tour for the group of 15 persons

 Adult - 7700 rubles

Children  under  16 -  6200 rubles

Children up to 5 years – 5200 rubles

For an additional payment:

Bathhouse «in black» (smoke sauna) – 300 rubles

Bathhouse «in white» - 120 rubles

Master class «Pravka i ladka» - 300 rubles

In the UAZ car through the off-road area – 300 rubles

The price includes: meeting-seeing off, support throughout the trip, transport and excursion service, entrance tickets to museums, master classes, accommodation in guest houses, 3 meals a day, animation program, tasting local drinks.

We are glad to see you!

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Departure schedule:

24.06; 08.07; 22.07; 05.08; 19.08; 02.09.

The tour through rural guest houses.

3 days/2 nights

Are you tired of city life? Would you like some peace and quiet? How long ago did you breathe the fresh air, meet the dawn and walk barefoot in the dew? How long ago did you lay on the fresh fragrant hay and look at the blue sky? Our ancestors spent the whole life this way! And they were really healthy and happy!