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Billiards report. The winners of the tournament.

8 November 2016

Russian Billiards is one of the most beautiful games that exist in the modern world. The calmness with which the master is preparing to strike, the confidence and precision of each movement of the hands, the subtle intelligence that enables you to correctly calculate the combination, the ability to foresee the next step is partner - precisely because of these features the pool table so close to the spirit of all the participants, who during the November holidays (November 5-6) gathered in the billiard club "New World" for the annual tournament dedicated to the Day of employee of organs of internal Affairs of Russia. The tournament was organized Kroo "Police Association". 34 Amateur game in Russian Billiards has the courage to challenge the changeable fortune.He opened the tournament Honorary President KROO "Police Association" Lieutenant General retired police AM  Rozuvan.  He congratulated all those present on the upcoming holiday on November 10 and wished good luck to all the competitors.  Greeted the audience gave President KROO "Police Association" N.V.Koscheev.  The tournament was attended by Head of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region Bykov VV vice-president of the Crimean region of the Russian section of IPA Victor Vyatkin.

The organizers of the event claim that the honored guests had a great opportunity to spend time in the atmosphere of the festival and to compete for interesting prizes. Passion, technical and tactical finesse, the ability of the player to manage their emotions and knowledge of the special etiquette of the game-all this in combination is a necessary condition of victory. The culture of the billiard match assumes that all participants, including the audience, create the atmosphere of the sports festival ,which is important for all members of Kirov Department of the IPA.

As a result, the event ended with the awarding ceremony, the award of prizes and, of course, excellent mood

 As a result of persistent "battle" going on 2 days in the groups they were won by:

  • Group 1: 1st place: Mamaev AD  2nd place: Pimenov EV  3rd place: Garusov SO.;  Anisimov AT
  • Group 2: 1st place: Petukhov SV 2nd place: Vladimir Zaitsev  3rd place: Tarbeev VV.;  Rukavishnikov NA
  • Group 3: 1st place: Karandin OA  2nd place: V. Zhilkin  3rd place: Kornilov VN.;  Semushin AG

 According to the participants and guests of the tournament, the competition took place at a high level and served as a further step in the development of billiard sports, as well as improving the professional skills of competitors.

 Congratulations to our winners !!!