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At the meeting with the veteran

11 February 2019

In February 2019 our country celebrated 77 anniversary of the ending of Stalingrad battle. On this occasion the students of the Institute (Branch) of the Moscow State Law Academy (MSLA) in Kirov Anastasia Kritskaya and Michael Daitov together with the member of IPA Kirov, legal disciplines assistant professor, retired colonel Vladimir Kislukhin visited the veteran of World War II, retired Senior Counsellor of Justice Ivan Chuprynov.

The teacher and students congratulated the veteran, presented the gifts and wished all the best. Ivan Chuprynov is 95 years old now. He went to the War at the age 17, was wounded at Stalingrad, participated in the battle of Kursk, got to Berlin and met the ending of the War on the Elbe River. After the War Ivan was working  in the prosecutor’s office of Kirov region for a long time. He were providing necessary methodological assistance in operational investigative and investigative activities of the young agent Vladimir Kislukhin. Vladimir was grateful to the veteran for great experience, which was share with him and other officers of the  internal affairs bodies. In the end of the meeting the veteran presented to the gusts the memory books with autograph.