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25 February 2011

 In 2011 an annual snowmobile tournament was held on February 19. Just before February 23 usually everybody can hear deafening motor roar over Vorobyov ponds. Non-professional racers, a large army of former and active law enforcement officers, members of the Kirov regional IPA participate in the tournament. Each yearnewcomers join them. This year the event was attended by 150 people.

They are not amateurs any more according to the professional racers.. The pre-holiday tournament is just a snowmobile testing for them. During the winter season they participate in different snowmobile tournaments many times.

IGOR LEDENSKIKH, the judge-starter: “ All four snowmobils are the same. The participats should have equal opportunities.

The path to victory is not smooth and quick. Amoung the old rules of the tournament only races on the stright remained. This was a qualifying round. After that, thу new champion traces in the open field was waiting for the finalists. All the participants were divided into 3 groups: men before and after 55 and ladies.

NIKOLAY KOSHCHEEV, the president of IPA Kirov: “Women are not weaker than men even in snowmobile tournaments.”

Elena Postnikova stood out among the four sparticipants. Before he tournament, she saw a snowmobile only on uploads/images. Theough, she simply flew 300 meters, having left all the rest behind. As was later recognized as champion, worked on the track all the secret techniques. It was the first experience of participating in such tournament and first victory.

In the group “after 55” the places were the following. Ribkin Yuriy, retired Colonel, took the first place. Kolpakov Viktor took the second place and BakinVladimir took the third prize.

In the group “before 55” Kondratenko Pavel, Lieutenant Colonel, won the competition. Bronnikov Dmitriy was the second and Izmestyev Aleksander was the third.

Every year more and more people take part in the competition, who are not indifferent to active extrem kind of rest, which is more pleasant before the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.