Kirov department of the russian section of international police association
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25 February 2009

Snow racing. Perhaps such new definition can be given to snow mobile races. They were held in the festive weekend not far from Kirov. In distinction from automobile drag-racing, supporters of the extreme sport, and these were members of Kirov regional department of RS IPA, had many good impressions. Together with the deputy Aleksey Rozuvan many members of IPA busted.

NIKOLAY SHILOV – HEAD OF DIRECTORATE OF FEDERAL SERVICE OF BAILIFFS IN KIROV REGION, MEMBER OF KRO RS IPA: «You don’t imagine, today I drove a snow mobile for the first time! Earlier I drove only a motorcycle, and these are absolutely other feelings.»

It turns out that women can also take part in men holiday. For the first time women flexed muscles in this heat. While motors were getting cold, but not army food. Future defenders of the motherland could try taste real soldier food.

On the second stage of snow mobile races passions were boiling as well as water for tea. Four racers – but without losers. They all are friends and colleagues. They have different positions and ranks, but they are equal in holiday and life. Like a family the international police association united businessmen and heads of state directorates, deputies and managers.

NIKOLAY KOSHCHEEV – PRESIDENT OF KRO RS IPA: «This holiday is special for all our members. Most of them serve or served the motherland. It doesn’t mean that it should be necessarily with a rifle at a border. A man honestly does his duty.»

Kirov branch of RS IPA appeared in Kirov 6 years ago. Movement forward is a motto, which doesn’t allow to rest on one’s laurels.

Speed is not a limit of men will. When there is a will there is a way…