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30th Anniversary of Italian Section of IPA in Tarvisio

19 September 2012

In the period from August 31 to September 2, 2012 Kirov delegation consisting of 15 people, led by Nikolay Koshcheev, the president of Kirov branch of Russian Section IPA, visited the celebrations devoted to the 30th Anniversary of Italian section IPA in the city of Tarvisio.

Tarvisio is located in the mountains, which are the natural border between three countries: Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Valley is sunny almost the whole year, it is a real paradise, studded with ancient houses and surrounded by majestic mountain peaks.

Kirov delegation was waited by unforgettable warm friendly welcome, an interesting program, official meetings and intimate conversations with other IPA members, the representatives of foreign countries — Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine and other parts of Italy, who also presented at the celebration.

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