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7 September 2009


New academic year in Kirov legal college RS IPA began under a torrential rain. However the rain did not frighten pupils of this educational institution, to the future agents of national security did not stuck to pay attention to similar trifles. They prepare themselves for serious mission - to protect our laws and to protect safety of citizens.
The future agents of national security are accustomed to discipline from the first days.
It, as well as the form - is obligatory and is not subject to discussion. Beginners will put on it in some days for now with some envy look at undergraduates. Besides traditional legal specialities this year fire safety used a great popularity. On pleasure to little girls numbers of pupils were filled up with the future officers of fire protection. The geography of pupils also considerably extended. Children from Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan and other Russian regions will receive knowledge in college. The colonel of militia Nikolay Koshcheev admitted resignation that else in a kindergarten composed a patriotic poem, and he always knew that he would go to serve in militia
NIKOLAY KOSCHEEV, the PRESIDENT of KRO RS IPА: «My father always carried epaulets and it was the best example. I certainly did not know, going to the first class whom exactly I would become , but I did not doubt that I would go to serve.»
The Kirov regional branch of KRO RS IPA always gave a great attention to the college. The director of college Igor Sharipov is the right hand of the president. On solemn construction policemen promised to cadets, as will use the best efforts henceforth that children got worthy education, could go in for sports. As differently – the future change grows.