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28 July 2015

On July 4 of 2015 in Moscow, the Festival of healthy lifestyle BADYUK FEST took place in October’s 50 years old park. This great event united a lot of clubs, sports federations and organizations from all over the Russia and countries of near Abroad.

The park was divided into different play-fields. There were master classes and exhibition performances of famous athletes.

Russian press competitions were organized at the one of areas under the direction of the coach of children and youth centre of the Oktyabrsky district of Kirov town and member of Kirov regional branch of the RS IPA Vladimir Reshetnikov. The main participants were children from Slobodskoy boarding school, Soviet orphanage and children and youth centre of  the Oktyabrsky district of Kirov town. Assistant of the event also was Kirov regional branch of the RS IPA. Competitions were opened by foster child of Slobodskoy correctional boarding school Egorova Veronika with composition named «Will to live».

Festival became a celebration of strength and health, and excellent place for meeting and communication of old friends and martial artists.