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14 November 2008

Kirov regional department RS IPA continues to support sport actively and this brought next results. Kirov athletes proved themselves greatly in Germany. At the world championship At the world championship on bench press Vladimir Reshetnikov became the gold medal winner. But it’s only a part of the success. As a coach he was more pleased by success of his pupil Alisa Skopina, who made a contribution to the history of this kind of sport. If you see Alisa, it cannot come to your mind that this girl can lift weight. “A 50-kilo-barbell is a toy and it’s trifling to lift it”, - says Vladimir Reshetnikov. But Alisa’s games are very serious.
VLADIMIR RESHETNIKOV, TWO-TIMES WORLD CHAMPION, ALISA SKOPINA’S COACH: “You know, as Raikin said: “She began to learn to walk, talk and lift a barbell simultaneously”. She tried everything a little – fitness, box and many other. But anyway she returned here. A barbell is her cup of tea”
In the first year she trained then she was ready to compete. Russian specialists were surprised that she became the champion of the country at once. Only after a pair of efforts the world was at her feet. At the planet championship Alisa took one weight after another. And reached the record mark 65.5 kilo. It’s the present European and world record. And it belongs to a kiroviter. At present there isn’t a stronger girl in the planet, what has an official confirmation.
YURY BERESNEV, SENIOR COACH OF THE COMBINED TEAM OF KIROV REGION: “Now many sportsmen will try to beat Alisa’s record. And it will be difficult to hold it.”
In coach’s opinion the result, showed by Alisa, is only one side of her capabilities. She will certainly show herself, he thinks. And he continues to prepare the sportswoman for new trials. The next will be held in December in Petersburg, where Alisa will compete for the World Cup on power athletics.